Overview: Record Streaming Audio

So you’re ready for a free, easy way to record streaming audio from any web site or source? The Applian Technologies Freecorder 7 program is exactly what you need. It’s got a multi-purpose video downloader, a YouTube downloader, a file converter, and an MP3 audio recorder that operate in your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. (And again, it’s free!)

The internet is alive with excellent music and video sites, and you can record streaming audio whenever you want with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

How to Record Streaming Audio

1. Go grab your very own free copy of Freecorder 7 and install it. If you use Firefox, feel free to install the Freecorder YouTube Download Wizard while you’re at it.

2. The Freecorder icon will appear in your Firefox or Internet Explorer. It will look like the eyeball of a friendly green alien that knows a lot about recording video content:

Click on the icon. A window will appear with a vertical cascade of buttons starting with the YouTube downloader:

3. Go to YouTube and pick a video you want to record. To start recording streaming audio from YouTube, look for the YouTube Downloader button in the window depicted in the image above.

4. Click on Freecorder’s YouTube Downloader, and a window will pop up giving you a choice of file types. Balance your desire for high quality with the processing and storage capabilities of your computer.

5. Once you choose your file type, Freecorder 7 will start recording whether the video is playing or not. An icon will appear for the downloaded video:

6. Click on the down arrow on the right side of the video’s Freecorder icon. A pull down menu provides several choices. You can just play the video, or you can rename it or convert it to a different file type. If you just want the audio content and not the videol use the the conversion feature to extract the song and convert it to an MP3 or other audio file, so you can download it to your music player.

7. For sites other than YouTube, you’ll want to find a song and then click on the audio recorder button:

Start your song playing, and then hit the Freecorder 7 “Start” button:

The video will probably finish recording before it finishes playing:

Right click on the down arrow on the right of the song’s file icon, and you can choose among “Play,” “Rename,” and other functions.

Now anyone can record streaming audio to their heart’s content with Freecorder 7.

There’s no time like the present! Just take these two easy steps:

    Visit the Applian Technologies website

    Download Freecorder 7 and start recording

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