How to Record from YouTube to iTunes

Despite the huge number of tunes available from iTunes, many i-device users feel a powerful urge to obtain content from other sources, like YouTube. Not to worry — keep reading and learn how to record from YouTube to iTunes.

The program known as Replay Media Catcher can easily help iTunes users pluck songs from YouTube. This is a simple and intuitive piece of technology that can rip songs straight from Youtube and give consumers high quality files for their iPods. The process really is simple. Here are some basic tips to get the party started.

What kind of song do you want? It could be anything from a unique performance by an artist you love, a bootleg live show cut you were there to see, or an unofficial remix that’s not in the iTunes store — or just some overplayed rag from the recently trending list:

Record From Youtube to Itunes How to Record from YouTube to iTunes

The Replay Media Catcher system is an excellent solution if you have an urge to get the file on the fly for use on an iPod.

How to Record From Youtube to Itunes 1 How to Record from YouTube to iTunes

The Replay Media Catcher program is quite simple, and a demo version can be downloaded for free. This may be a good chance to try out the file before getting the full version.

Once downloaded, the file will automatically install itself onto your hard drive with just a few easy clicks.
 The interface is simple and straightforward, which is useful when you’re trying to sync it to the YouTube player. Simply open Replay Media Catcher, turn it on and then start playing the YouTube video you are interested in saving.

Record From Youtube to Itunes 2 How to Record from YouTube to iTunes

The recording is immediately saved to your PC, usually in less time than it takes to play. It’s a snap to learn how to record from YouTube to iTunes.

And converting the saved video to an MP3 is easy. Just right-click on the video file and click on “save to MP3” –- it’s that easy. Adding your MP3 to your iPod is just a matter of adding the MP3 to iTunes and then syncing your iPad.

Replay Media Catcher can reliably download your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 in these few simple steps. You may wish to mix and match songs, or simply sample parts of the songs for your own remix recordings.

The device also has a useful function for turning an mp3 song file into another format, such as WAV or OGG music files. In all, the Replay Media Catcher program should suffice for any and all users looking to add a few new Youtube songs that aren’t available on the iTunes store to their MP3 player.

Check out Replay Media Catcher at the Applian Technologies website today, and learn how easy it is how to record from YouTube to iTunes.

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