How to Download Music From YouTube

Downloading music from YouTube seems like a fairly straightforward task, but the fact that you are reading this article proves it’s not as simple as it seems. There are numerous programs which claim that they can do the job, but unless you know how to use them operating them may feel like answering a Klingon IQ test.

Even if you do manage to find a program that allows you to download videos from Youtube with relative ease, you still need to be able to convert the downloaded video to play it on other devices.

For example, imagine that you’ve downloaded the latest hit song from YouTube, but now you want to listen to it on your music player or iPod. You also want to be able to watch the video on your phone when convenient. In this situation, you will need to convert the video into an MP3 file for your music player. If your mobile phone or tablet is short on memory space, then you need to alter the format and reduce the file size.

All this can be quite challenging if you don’t know where to start. Well, this is the place to start right here: a two step process that will allow you to download music from YouTube and convert it to any format of your choice.

Download the YouTube VIDEO first

Download Music From Youtube How To Download Music From YouTube

Use Replay Media Catcher to download the music video from YouTube. Simply open up the program, hit record and THEN browse to and start up your YouTube video. RMC has a download speed that is ten times faster than the playback speed of the video. Despite such a high speed, the quality of the downloaded video will not degrade.

In fact, all downloaded files are exact digital replicas of the original. RMC has an auto tag feature which recognizes and tags millions of songs and MP3 files. This makes it incredibly easy to organize, locate and manage your downloads.

The program is very easy to use and comes equipped with several pragmatic tools such as a scheduler, media guide, Torrent downloader and more. You can try Replay Media Catcher for free and choose to buy it only when you are 100% convinced it’ll do the job for you.

The program costs $49.95, which is very reasonable, considering that you can download an unlimited number of videos from thousands of websites. And your purchase is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Converting your Video to Audio, MP3

Once your video is downloaded, simply right click on the recording – and select “Save to MP3″ to extract a perfect quality MP3 audio recording from your video. On the other hand, you can also right click and select CONVERT and convert to quite a few other audio or video formats.

This is essentially ALL you need to not only download videos, but also convert them easily to MP3. In the example video below, the entire 5:17 minute video was downloaded in just 11 seconds. It only took a few more seconds to convert the recorded video to MP3, and I was easily able to upload it to iTunes for my iPhone and iPad.

How To Download YouTube Music How To Download Music From YouTube

While Replay Media Catcher does convert to over more than 130 popular formats, you still might want to have a dedicated converter whose sole task in life is to rip, burn, convert, extract, copy and edit like a professional sound and video engineer.

Replay Converter 4 is a highly advanced and versatile converter, yet at the same time very easy to use. You can use it to rip and burn DVDs, convert to formats that make your files usable on a multitude of other devices, trifle with the track speed, create MP3 files, create files which can be accessed on iPods and do a lot more!

The program costs just $9.95 and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can try Replay Converter 4 for free to make sure that the software delivers what it promises.

The above mentioned process does require you to shell out a few bucks, but once you get a taste of Applian’s products, you will never ever even think of switching back to the so called “free” downloaders and converters that do little except storm you with obnoxious advertisements and malware!

Again, you do NOT need Replay Converter to convert youtube to MP3 — Replay Media Catcher’s converter is able to do that perfectly and without any issues. But if you do want a full service converter, we still recommend Replay Converter.

Download a trial of Replay Media Catcher at – you can use it to record YouTube videos in their entirety and convert them to MP3. You WILL need to purchase the full version in order to record OTHER video types, but as far as free YouTube recorders goes, this is my #1 favorite.

Download a trial of Replay Converter here. At just $9.95, it really is a steal.

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