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(Note: Version 5 of Replay Media Catcher will be out shortly. Download Replay Media Catcher 4 here.)

Here’s how to use Replay Media Catcher 5 to download music and capture all of your favorite songs for later. Replay Media Catcher 5 not only captures the songs but renames them as well. It’s a great way to expand your music collection and keep it organized at the same time.

The demo version of Replay Media Catcher will capture 50% of files from all sites except YouTube, where the capture rate is 100%.

Tutorial: How to Download Music

1. Get your own copy of Replay Media Catcher 5.

2. When you open the program you’ll see a tutorial page, a step you can skip in the future:

RPM 5 tutorial page

Hit “Download Music and Video” at the top left.

3. Go to

Be aware that you must record in real time at, so start recording before you start playing your first song. If you end up with a recorded commercial, you can always delete it later.

4. You may want to record a bunch of songs, in which case you’ll end up with a collection of completed recordings:

5. If you want to play, rename or relocate a file, just click on the down arrow at the right side of a song’s icon. In this case, I’m using the “Move To” function to place a song in a new folder:

Finished! NNow you know how to download music. Replay Media Catcher is a great tool for capturing streaming music from many popular sites such as Pandora and — as you’ve seen here — It easily handles RTMP and HTTP protocols, which makes it great for capturing from your favorite video sites as well.

So if you’re ready to download music . . . .

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    Download your own copy of Replay Media Catcher 5

For more information on downloading music and videos with Replay Media Catcher:

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