Downloading Music to your Ipod Using Replay Music

There are plenty of ways to download music from streaming audio sites, but by far the most effective software is Replay Music, an audio recorder that can make high-quality MP3s from ANY streaming audio site.

Replay Music is a really handy tool for any music lover. Whether you get your groove on with music from a disk or internet radio, Replay Music is an effective tool for making and organizing your recordings.

Downloading Music to Your Ipod Using Replay Music 1 Downloading Music to Your Ipod Using Replay Music

Simple MP3 Recorder

One reason you’ll want to try out Replay Music is that it’s very simple and intuitive to use. The download is free, so you won’t have to worry about risking any money upfront. And the download allows you to capture 25 songs for free in demo mode. The software is made by Applian Technologies, a reliable company that isn’t looking to flood your computer with viruses or delay your recording with a bunch of rules or annoying junk download checkoff boxes.

Once installed, Replay Music simple to use. It does have a tutorial and help guide, but you probably won’t need it unless you’ve never used a computer recording device. Every function in Replay Music is organized neatly and logically, so you won’t struggle to find features when you need them.

Now you’ll just have to decide what source you want to record from to get high quality MP3 files.

For optimal results, we recommend that you use one of the following music services:


With a few easy clicks, you can record songs from these sites onto your computer instantly.

Downloading Music to Your Ipod Using Replay Music 3 Downloading Music to Your Ipod Using Replay Music

Something to keep in mind is that Replay Music does not JUST record from audio sites — it will work with video sites too. If you hear a song you love on your favorite YouTube channel, Replay Music can record it for you as an MP3 in just a few quick clicks. Once you’re done recording, it’s very easy to transfer the recorded songs from Replay Music to iTunes for playing on your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

In case you’re worried about legal ramifications, according to the company’s website, “Replay Music is 100% legal to use — it falls in the same category as CD ripping programs like iTunes™ or using a VCR, cassette tape recorder, or Digital Video Recorder.” Just make sure you’re using your recordings for personal use ONLY.

So if you’re stuck wondering how you can download songs for free and put them into your iPod, this is the solution you’re looking for. Just give it a shot — you can’t lose with Replay Music’s free trial.

Visit the Applian Technologies website and download Replay Music today!

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