Two Free YouTube Downloaders

For those of you down to record YouTube content, I’d like to recommend two free YouTube downloaders.

Hundreds of free programs are available for downloading videos from YouTube. However, most of them are caveman primitive in nature and have limited usefulness. A lot of them are based on stale technology that you’ll get tired of quickly.

Unless you’re unusually tech savvy, using this kind of outdated software can feel like being stuck in a hideous end-user maze!

But have no fear — Replay Media Catcher and the Vixy Freecorder are two free YouTube downloaders you’ll love because of their speed, versatility, convenience — and an overall user friendly vibe.

Here are the basics of both these two free YouTube downloaders.

Replay Media Catcher

Replay Media Catcher comes from Applian Technologies, a company that has been creating and refining recording software since 1997. Replay Media Catcher can be used for downloading videos not just from Youtube, but also from tons of other popular sites as well.

two free youtube downloaders3 Two Free YouTube Downloaders

Replay Media Catcher supports many formats, including the newest ones, ensuring that you never run into pesky compatibility issues. The program can run on any browser that works with Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP.

Unfortunately, Replay Media Catcher is not compatible with Apple Devices. However, if you are a Mac lover, check out the Jaksta Media Recorder for Mac.

Replay Media Catcher fans love its ease of use. Just run the program and start playing the video that you wish you to download. Replay Media Catcher allows you to watch and record simultaneously, so you don’t have to wait around for a video to download before you can watch it.

Replay Media Catcher is also known for its lightning fast download speed, which can be ten times faster than the actual playback speed. That means a 10 minute video can usually download in about 60 seconds if you have a speedy internet connection.

In order to help you to keep your files organized, Replay Media Catcher offers a feature that automatically names all the recorded videos. This feature can also identify millions of songs, and it automatically tags them too!

All downloads are exact digital copies of the original videos, and this means there is no compromise on quality.

Replay Media Catcher will download YouTube videos for free in demo mode.

If you want to use it with the thousands of other sites out there, it will cost $49.95 — and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. It’s totally worth it, and thousands of happy users will back me up on that.

Vixy Freecorder: Free YouTube Downloader and More

Freecorder is much more than just a Youtube Downloader: it’s really a brilliant piece of software that can download and convert videos and mp3 files from thousands of websites.

two free youtube downloaders 2 Two Free YouTube Downloaders

The best part is that the program is completely free and with a file size of just 1.9 MB, it can be installed within minutes! Once you install Freecorder, you get access to a host of amazing tools such as the Youtube Downloader, Mp3 Recorder, Converter and Video and Screen Video Recorder.

The program is immensely popular all over the world and is currently being used by more than 28,142,786 Customers to Date, as of the time I’m writing this article.

It’s compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows 8, 7 Vista and XP. You can install the Freecorder on your computer for free by visiting or

So if you’ve got online recording needs, choose one of these two free YouTube downloaders today.

Visit the Applian Technologies website to learn more!

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