The Best Video Recording Software for your PC

There’s a whole passle of video recording software applications out there with all kinds of features. So before you put a lot of time into making a ton of recordings, it’s highly advisable to evaluate the unique aspects of various software applications before opting for the best video recording software for your PC.

Get the features you need. You don’t want to be hobbled by a program optimized for cavemen, but you don’t want something with more features than the space shuttle either.

The following video recording software options are some of the best ones around.

Replay Media Catcher

Check out this video to see a two minute demonstration of Replay Media Catcher 5:

Compared to most of the video recording software applications in the industry, Replay Media Catcher has a very wide array of video and audio recording options. This software has exceptional video downloading and recording features. Basically, you can rely on it to be the best video recording software for your PC thanks to features like this:

1). Convenient video recording solutions: The Replay Media Catcher software can be scheduled to record streaming media videos, so you can download and record video at a specific time when you are not available.

2). Blocking of unnecessary ads: The software only records the video content you want and shoots down all the irrelevant junk content. At the same time, you have an option to block pop-up internet adverts. It’s vital to note that some of these adverts slow down the downloading process and pose security threats to your PC.

3). The software has a big selection of file export options that will help you export and open files from various sources. The software offers video download and playing formats including MP3, MP4 and MOV.

4). Replay Media Catcher allows you to add plugins and use third party plugins: You have an option either to create your own plugins or add plugins from external sources.

These features and a bunch of others explain the program’s popularity and positive reviews online.

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RipTiger Video Recording Software

RipTiger can download and record videos from numerous websites, but it does not record streaming media videos. RipTiger software has an integral media player with a very professional look.

The best video recording software for your PC1 The Best Video Recording Software for Your PC

This media player allows you watch the videos before, during and after recording.

Mercifully, it also blocks adverts while recording.

Other features of this software include:

1). Ease of use: This application has a simple interface that enhances effective internet downloading, saving and video clip conversion.

2). Multiple downloading device platforms: Apart from downloading onto your laptop or desktop computer, RipTiger can be downloaded to various gadgets such as your iPad, iPod touch and some smart tablets.

3). Video download monitoring option: You have an option to monitor the downloading process and stop the download. RipTiger has a progress bar indicating the size of the downloaded file and the approximate time remaining for the downloading process to finish. Also, RipTiger via the RipTiger FLV MetaData sheet provides comprehensive information on the video being downloaded, including video size, video frame rate and downloading duration. You also have an option to rename the files that you are downloading.

Now you have some idea of the software features you ought to explore before you purchase, download and install video recording software for your PC.

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