How to Record Videos on your Computer (Screen Capture Videos on your PC)

There are a lot of websites that don’t allow their videos to be downloaded. So what’s the deal if you want to record content from a source like that? The average downloading software is useless in such situations. Likewise, downloaders cannot capture live streams, sporting events, news and other real time streaming. Clearly, if you want to capture absolutely any video from any website, then you need a highly advanced screen recorder.

While most powerful recorders are either too expensive or are simply way too complicated to use, there is a cheap, easy and effective solution: get yourself a copy of Replay Video Capture.

How To record Videos On Your Computer Screen Capture Videos on Your PC How To Record Videos On Your Computer (Screen Capture Videos on Your PC)

Five Reasons Replay Video Capture Is the Best

1) It’s got the power: This program allows you to record ANY video. If you can play the video on your computer, then RVC can record it. You can use it to capture live chat sessions, videos from webcam sites, PowerPoint presentations, Skype calls, news, live streams, DVD content and a whole lot more.

In fact, listing all the things that you can record with RVC is not practical, since there is nothing that it can’t record. The streaming protocol of the original video makes no difference to the performance of RVC as long as you have a high speed internet connection.

2) It’s easy to use: You might think that operating that since the software can accomplish so much, operating it must be like handling the controls of a Boeing 747. Well, that is not the case — RVC has a very user friendly interface, and it has been designed for everyday people, not rocket scientists!

If you are still sceptical, then click on this video tutorial, which should polish off any questions that you may have.

3) It’s reliable: Replay Video Capture has been designed by Applian Technologies, and this alone speaks volumes about its reliability. Applian has been developing cutting edge digital media products since 1997, and their customer service is exemplary.

4) It’s practical: The recordings are fairly compact, and the codecs do not overwhelm your CPU. In essence, you can start making very high quality videos without ever leaving your PC.

5) It’s affordable! You can download the demo version of Replay Video Capture for free. If you like the demo version (which you surely will) and choose to buy the program, it will cost you just $39.95. The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

How To Screen Capture Videos on Your PC1 How To Record Videos On Your Computer (Screen Capture Videos on Your PC)

Basically, Replay Video Capture is the most reliable, versatile, user friendly and affordable computer recorder on the market. Download the free version here and check it out for yourself. One more thing, come back and let us know what you think!

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