How to Find TV Shows to Watch Online (and avoid clicking on ads or junk downloads)

Who isn’t tired of trying to watch TV online and having to battle an onslaught of tasteless and annoying ads, not to mention shady junk downloads that could contain almost anything?

So how DO you find TV shows to watch online and avoid a defensive clickfest against ads?

People want to know, because let’s face it: NOBODY wants to come home from work and start looking for favorite shows on the internet and then click three to five times before getting anywhere near the actual show, let alone successfully downloading it.

And a slow internet connection makes the whole ordeal even more time consuming

The good news is that you will be able to find plenty of shows on the internet that you can watch either for free or by paying a small fee. To do so, you will only need to go online and type “watch shows online,” and you’ll find a list of websites where you can watch all of your favorite content.

Here are some guidelines on how to make the most of a couple of our favorite Online gems for watching (and recording) TV Shows online.


How to Find TV Shows to Watch Online How to Find TV Shows to Watch Online

CurrentTV ( is a great website, and it has a lot in common with YouTube in the uploaded content department. The videos are uploaded by users, and the majority of shows there focus on news and political commentary, as well as on informational programming.

This website will appeal to those who are really into the popular Countdown shows and documentaries. There are just heaps of them to view, and you’ll never be disappointed in the selection.

To use Current TV, just visit their site, and click on the thumbnail of a video you’d like to watch. You can also take advantage of their search feature and search by keywords, such as “Robin Thicke,” or “Miley Cyrus.”

You can easily record TV shows from Current TV using Replay Media Catcher too! Download your FREE trial and give it a shot!

Here’s how to use Replay Media Catcher:

1. Open RMC, by DEFAULT the recording mode will be turned on.
2. Browse to and select the video you want to watch and record.
3. Replay Media Catcher will AUTOMATICALLY download the video for you, and it can even auto convert and add the file to your iTunes library!

how to find tv without ads How to Find TV Shows to Watch Online

TV Show 7

If you love the popular and current shows on TV, but you never seem to be in front of your TV in time to watch them, you will find TV Show 7 the best way to schedule some quality viewing time at your convenience.

Beyond that though, a major portion of the site’s visitors drop by because they can watch very rare shows that are impossible or extremely difficult to find elsewhere on the internet. So with that in mind, make sure you bookmark this website.

Using TV Show 7 is as easy as can be. Simply launch the site, and you’ll see a list of available TV shows. Click on the TV show you’re interested in watching, or use the handy search feature!
how to find TV without ads 2 How to Find TV Shows to Watch Online

Helpful Hint: There is usually an advertisement that says “Download – Play Now” or some other such hogwash directly BELOW the search bar. Do NOT click on this, or you’ll be downloading unwanted junk software onto your computer!

Once you click on a show you like, you’ll be presented with what looks like ‘UPDATE’ buttons on every page — try to close out of these if you can. Updating or downloading third-party software is NOT required for watching most videos on the site.

how to find TV without ads 3 How to Find TV Shows to Watch Online

If you’re not able to get rid of the ad, simply click on the button to go FULL SCREEN — and this usually banishes the annoying ad.

how to find TV without ads 6 How to Find TV Shows to Watch Online

(By the way, Replay Media Catcher works GREAT with TV Show 7 — just as with our other sites in this article.)

That said, you’re well-versed in finding videos you can watch online, which means you may already be planning what shows you want to watch tonight. If that’s so, good luck with that and don’t forget to fire up the pop corn!

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