How To Download Videos From Any Site

If you start out on the right path, it’s easy to learn how to download videos from any site. This article will help you find that path and avoid plunging into a swamp of crummy recorders.

Finding a reliable, convenient and versatile video downloader has become more difficult than finding a soul mate. There are countless programs that advertise their virtues with evangelistic zeal but actually just spam your computer with viruses and disgust you with unwanted pop up ads featuring the latest in desktop strippers and pimp hats!

Even if you miraculously manage to find a program that lets you download videos without frustrating you until you throw your computer out the window, it probably sports a never ending list of rules and upsells in a morass of fine print.

So if you are looking for a solution that enables you to download from absolutely ANY website, then look no further than Replay Media Catcher and Replay Video Capture, both from Applian Technologies.

Replay Media Catcher

How To Download Videos From Any Site How To Download Videos From Any Site

Replay Media Catcher is very easy to use — just start the program and then begin streaming video, then the download will commence immediately. And you can watch and download at the same time.

The program downloads most videos at a speed up to ten times faster than the original playback time of the file. And Replay Media Catcher has been equipped with a host of convenient features such as built in media guides, a torrent downloader and a scheduler.

The scheduler allows you to download even when you are not where your PC is. The auto-tag feature identifies and names all downloaded files and makes it easy to manage your media and locate a particular file among thousands of others.

There is absolutely no alteration in the quality since all downloaded videos are precise digital replicas of the original. Replay Media Catcher is compatible with all web browsers that run on Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

You can try Replay Media Catcher for free and if you choose to buy it, the program is priced at $49.95, which is a bargain considering the fact that you can download and convert millions of videos and mp3 files. The 30-day money back guarantee ensures that your purchase is devoid of any risk whatsoever.

Download your free trial here.

Replay Video Capture

Download Videos From Any Site How To Download Videos From Any Site

Some websites really don’t want their videos to be downloaded. These websites feature encrypted videos which can only be watched, but Replay Video Capture comes in very handy during such situations. This ingenious software records instead of downloading (trust us, there is a difference). So it enables you to capture videos from ANY website.

You can use it to record movies, live streams and webcam sessions. It even facilitates creation of Powerpoint videos and enables you to convert DVDs into MPEG or WMV files. The software ensures that all your recordings are production quality.

RVC is very easy to use and, a video tutorial will guide you through the entire process of recording. This program works best in conjunction with a high speed internet connection and is best to use with Windows 8, 7
and Vista.

Applian wants you to make an informed buying decision and thus they allow you to test out all their products for free.

If you do decide to purchase RVC, it will cost $39.95. The program comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Check it out here yourself for free.

Downloading Videos From Any Site How To Download Videos From Any Site

If you want to buy both programs, then you should seriously consider the Replay Capture Suite, which enables you save quite a bit of money and comes packed with even more goodies, INCLUDING both programs at a majorly discounted price.

Just visit Applian Technologies and have a look at the suite here.

Now you know how to download videos from any site, so Happy Downloading!

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