How To Download Music From YouTube

YouTube is a great source for music, but it may not always be accessible due to a lack of universal wi-fi and limited 3g and 4g data coverage. Nothing is worse than having a craving for a certain song but not being able to hear it because of no available internet! Thankfully, I recently stumbled across a solution that allows me to hear my favorite YouTube tunes wherever I am.

I came across a program called Replay Media Catcher which is made by a company called Applian. They’ve been creating and selling software since 1997. Replay Media Catcher is a really quick way to capture streaming music from YouTube in MP3 format, so the tunes can be played back on either a laptop or portable device such as a phone or tablet.

I thought that was cool enough. It turns out Replay Media Catcher is capable of even more than that! For one thing, the software’s smart music recognition technology enables it to automatically detect which song is downloading and tag it appropriately.

In addition to simply extracting the audio from YouTube files and saving them as an MP3, Replay Media Catcher also offers helpful audio file management options. The extracted MP3s are displayed in a clear list, which allows the user to rename files quickly and easily and also adjust tags as needed.

Files can also be converted into a wide range of different formats. For example, you can rip a YouTube audio file into MP3 format and then further convert it into the Apple audio format, suitable for iPads and iPhones.

If you are a fan of the wide range of music that can be found on YouTube, then there is no harm in giving Replay Media Catcher a try. It comes from a free trial that allows you to extract 100% of the audio from a YouTube file. This is an advantage over many competing products’ “free” trials that only enable users to capture a tiny percentage of audio data from a song.

Replay Media Catcher’s trial is a risk- and cost- free way to listen to the YouTube tracks you love at any time or place.

It’s THIS easy to use

Step 1: Download your copy of Replay Media Catcher and hit the START button to begin the recording process.

Step 2: Open the YOUTUBE video for which you want to record audio and hit “Play.”

How To Download Music From YouTube2 How To Download Music From YouTube

Step 3: Right click your recorded VIDEO and select “convert.” Now you can choose from a HUGE array of video OR audio formats to convert to — in this case I’m going to convert to MP3 FOR the iPhone 4s to extract the audio so I can add it to my iTunes playlist!

Learn to Download Music From YouTube How To Download Music From YouTube

How easy can it get? Visit Applian Technologies and download Replay Media Catcher today!

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