How to Download Dailymotion Videos

Hello Dailymotion fans! For the multitude of you who would like to record Dailymotion content, here’s how to download Dailymotion videos easily, and without hassle. There are times when you need to download videos from websites like Dailymotion, and this can be hard to do the first time around.

I wanted to download a clip from Dailymotion the other day to have on my iPhone and show it to a friend at work, since our internet access is limited. I started to search on Google for a solution and a found a few and tried them. Well, some of these programs were pure torture to use.

On the other hand, Replay Media Catcher turned out to be the best. It empowered me to record videos from Dailymotion and other sites, but it also does other neat things like blocking advertisements from being recorded.

You just need to download the program, which has a free trial to make sure it fits your needs. In a matter of minutes you’ll know how to download Dailymotion videos.

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The program detects the videos automatically while they are streamed from the web. You just have to open Replay Media Catcher, and click on “start”. As soon as you start playing a video that it can download, Replay Media Catcher will automatically download it. Really fast.

How to Download Dailymotion Videos a How to Download Dailymotion Videos

If you want to schedule the download of a video, this is possible using the software too. By right clicking a video that is taken from the web you can have a variety of functions to use, like play, convert, save as, etc.

The program functions actually like a recorder from a TV tuner. You can have a library where all the recordings are saved and you can view them as a list, or in thumbnail mode. Multiple formats can be chosen for your final file, including MP3 for sound files. You can put tags on your MP3 files as well.

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Replay Media Catcher can work in any common PC browser. I did not experience any browser related issue when testing it, and was able to use it with Firefox, Chrome and even Internet Explorer The program is easy to work with, due to the intuitive interface and does not consume many resources from your PC.

I used the trial version of the software and it worked well, as I was able to record many types of FLV files (Flash Videos) with one click. Files are named automatically, according to the names of the files you can find on Dailymotion.

Download your copy from and find learn how to download Dailymotion videos today.

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