How to Capture Facebook Videos

Facebook’s a wonderful place to discover, watch, upload and share videos, but the Zuckerberg mafia won’t let you download any of the videos onto your computer. Fortunately, Applian Technologies knows how to capture Facebook videos, and here’s how it works.

How to Capture Facebook Videos 1 How to Capture Facebook Videos

If you want to learn how to download Facebook videos rather than watching them online, this article will help you do it with a program called Replay Video Capture.

How to Download Facebook Videos

    First, download the Replay Video Capture software from Applian’s website.

    Applian provides a 100% free trial. Using the trial version, you can record videos for up to two minutes and if you want to download videos that are longer than 2 minutes, you can buy the full version.

    Once you download the software, open it and you’ll be greeted with a simple blue interface which includes “Get Video” and “Settings” buttons on the right hand side, and “Record,” “Play,” “View” and “Still” buttons at the bottom.

    The program is redorkulously simple to use. Even a five-year-old can use it to learn how to capture Facebook videos — no kidding!.

    Now find the Facebook video you would like to download to your hard drive and open it in your browser.

    How to Capture Facebook Videos 2 How to Capture Facebook Videos

    Click Replay Video Capture’s “Mark Video Window” radio button. This gives you a flexible rectangle to mark the video area you will record. Once you select the recording area in Facebook, click the “Record” button in Replay Video Capture and the “Play” button in Facebook. The Facebook videos will start recording on your computer automatically after you click “Record.”

    Finally, once the file has been recorded click “Stop.” The video will be saved on the computer. Click the “View” button on Replay Video Capture, and you’ll see a list of all the videos you’ve recorded. Click on the one you just recorded. It’ll open and start playing on your computer.

How to Capture Facebook Videos 3 How to Capture Facebook Videos

This software also lets you record any online video: Facebook, YouTube, Netflix Movies, Hulu, or any website that has videos on it. I love this easy to use software and highly recommend it. Now that you know how to download Facebook videos, grab some popcorn and enjoy your movies.

If you’re ready to learn how to capture Facebook videos, visit Applian Technologies today.

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