A Review of Replay Video Capture: Why It Works Wonders in Recording

If videos are an important part of your life, then you should hop on the Replay Video Capture train today. Replay Video Capture is software that allows you to record anything you can see on your PC right now and then view it anywhere after turning it into an appropriate video file.

Many of us watch videos on the PC, but few of us are aware that you can record them and keep them permanently with the right software. You can view the recorded videos for your own pleasure and watch whenever it’s convenient.

Replay Video Capture can record the following commonly watched media: movies, video chat sessions, streaming web cams, Powerpoint presentations, webinars, online lectures, gaming sessions, and many more.

If you can play on your PC, you can record it with Replay Video Capture.

A Review of Replay Video Capture Why It Works Wonders in Recording A Review of Replay Video Capture: Why It Works Wonders in Recording

Capturing a streaming video is easy with Replay Video Capture. After your video begins playing, click the “Get Video” button. Replay Video Capture will automatically find the video window for you.

If Replay Video Capture finds a window that isn’t absolutely right, simply click “Retry” and it will search again.

You can also manually choose to record a specific area of your screen by placing markers on a portion of your screen. Once you select the screen region to capture, click the “Record” option to begin. After capturing the video, you can generally view it on any computer. If you need to view the recorded video on your smartphone, you can convert it to smartphone-compatible formats using Replay Converter.

A Review of Replay Video Capture.png A Review of Replay Video Capture: Why It Works Wonders in Recording

You can also tinker with various video settings in Replay Video Capture. Use the “Enhanced video” mode to activate video preview, pausing and dual monitor capabilities. You can also resize videos (although this is possible only for MPEG-2 videos).

If you are recording on vintage Windows versions such as XP, then you need to disable the video acceleration feature to optimize performance.

Version 6 of Replay Video Capture contains many new features. Lip-sync and video fluency have been improved, even for computers that run slowly. You can even pause any recordings on Windows Media.

You may also want to install Replay Video Capture and operate it on your external hard drive, so you can save computer memory and have a designated storage place for your videos. Best of all, while it’s recording your computer won’t drift into sleep mode anymore with the option named “Keep Alive”.

A Review of Replay Video Capture2.png A Review of Replay Video Capture: Why It Works Wonders in Recording

So get ready to capture streaming media for your own pleasure with Replay Video Capture.

You can learn more by watching some of these videos about the program.

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